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Diwali Celebration

 3 November 2018
 Hotel Central Park, Pune
 It was the Diwali fellowship evening and the venue was our very old Central Park and we had the same host group, led by the same leader.... It was an evening of festivity as members greeted each other and exchanged Diwali greetings. The formal meeting, though strictly business-like, was brief. President Ravi after quickly going through the regular agenda items and after an announcement by Rtn PP Madhu Rathi on behalf of the host group, adjourned the meeting. It was fellowship time from that moment on. To add touch of novelty to the “Festivity Quotient”, there were Mehendi and Churi. To add the musical flavour there were Abhishek and his team, the same duo who performed at our last year’s Diwali fellowship. As the music began, the snacks counter opened in the other hall. The evening progressed, music became faster, ladies found their palms and wrists colourful with Mehendi and Churi, and in the other hall snacks and drinks were doing exactly what they were supposed to do.