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Guest Speaker

 11 August 2018
 Poona Club Pune
 Mr. chetan Shetty
 It was a typical monsoon evening, it rained a bit, temperature dropped and the weather turned a bit chilly. Everything looked the same; we had no idea that the meeting will turn out to be whole lot different! As we walked into the Poona Club, our usual meeting room was not available and we got shifted to the Scrabble room located just next to the main lounge. It turned out to be a nice place for the meeting, though relatively small. The pre meeting fellowship was in a mood of celebration with IPP Arvind and PP Rakesh returned from the TRF Award ceremony with a truckload of awards. The meeting started with President Ravi making three blockbuster announcements. First, Rtn PDG Sushil Gupta has been selected to be the RI President for 2020-21. He will be only the fourth Indian to become RI President, a proud moment for all Rotarians in India. Closer home RCPC won five major awards in the TRF Award ceremony for District 3131. And finally, President announced the creation of a new Guinne