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Experience of Argentina and Himayala

 8 September 2018
 Poona Club, Pune
 Ms. Anurati Kulkarni and Rtn. Vikram Bapat
 A very cool week...... We all could feel the tiredness in the air, as we struggled to reach Poona club due to heavy traffic. Slowly people started trickling in, complaining about how much time it took to reach the club. Everybody‚Äôs reason was the same, but experiences differed. After usual snacks, tea and compliments, the meeting started with President Ravi explaining last week's achievements. The paper bag project again came into highlight, making all of us so proud and in gratitude towards our own 'Paperbag-Man'. The Mahabaleshwar picnic experience was shared, which made many of us regret that we missed it. Such picnics are the best way to assimilate and be close to each other. The talk by Ms Anurati Kulkarni, daughter of Rtn. Dr. Neha and Rtn. Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni, was from her heart. She was in Argentina for the student exchange program and it was evident that she not only enjoyed the stay in a totally new country but found an extended family. Such experiences change us