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Music Therapy using Indian classical music

 16 March 2019
 Poona Club, Pune
 Dr. S. Upasani
 This week we had a meeting with a different flavour. First of all, the snacks spread was larger with chocolates and sweets added in by two of our members who have achieved social elevation and celebrated arrival of grandchildren. Congratulations Rtn. Raman Nanda and Rtn PP Prakash Gurbaxani. As the meeting started, President Ravi informed the members of the progress of the last week. Members wished Rtn. Raman Nanda, R’Ann Manveer Mukhopadhyay and R’Ann Binty Mehta Happy Birthday. Thereafter IPP Arvind Saraf introduced our guest speaker Dr. Shrirang Upasani to address the members. Dr. Upasani comes from a family of Maharashtra’s famous Kirtankars and is a practicing doctor who uses music therapy for healing. Dr. Upasani started the session by playing an old Hindi song on Yaman raag. It worked liked magic and set the mood and expectation for the remaining part of his talk. Dr. Upasani explained that music cannot be a cure but it can be used to heal in conjunction with homeop