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Volunteer Driven CSR Project by AMDOCS Employees benefiting Focus Community Mulshi Taluka Schools by Pune Central

Winter in New York
10 Feb, 2018

Beneficiaries : 200

Cost : 0

President : Arvind Saraf

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
With District 3131 initiative & active help, RCPC has found a great partner in Amdocs, an Information Technology company in Pune, with 10,000 employees. This partnership is the VERY FIRST VOLUNTEER DRVIEN CSR PROJECT with no financial considerations. AMDOCS actively promotes VOLUNTEERING in employees. RCPC needs to bring up projects requiring volunteering & a joint shortlisting will be made after presentation of these projects to various departmental teams. RCPC Leadership Team had several meetings with AMDOCS HR & CSR teams to finalise a framework of volunteering activities. There after President of RCPC made presentations to functional teams at AMDOCS to finalise first two pilot projects. For this Rotary Year RCPC has finalised Focus Community as 7 Villages, 33 Schools & 1000 Women in Mulshi Taluka. RCPC has been able to convince AMDOCS to initiate Volunteering Projects in Focus Community - more specifically Schools & Women and in Thrust Areas of Basic Education & Literacy. It was also decided that RCC or Rotary Community Corps stays involved in these projects for deeper penetration. RCPC has a strategic plan of transforming lives in Focus Community in three years. This approach facilitates both Sustainability & Impact. Through their joint efforts, RCPC & Amdocs will increase the throughput of the impact in Mulshi taluka. It was Saturday February 10, 2018, when the first event was kicked off at Mamasaheb Mohol School in Shere Village. Around 10 enthusiasts of Team-1 from Amdocs reached the school at 9:30 a.m. along with the President Rtn. Arvind Saraf, the Service Director Rtn. Pravin Nadkarni and their respective Rtn. Vidya Saraf and R'Ann Monica Nadkarni. The purpose of this event was to enjoy the company of each other through fun-filled activities. The Team-1 organised games such as lemon-spoon races and tug-of-war, which were thoroughly enjoyed by roughly 170 students and 10 teachers. Some members of Team-1 handed out sample answer-sheets to all 10th standard students, and taught them how to prepare for the exam. The event ended at around noon. The next event happened on February 17, 2018 when Team-2 from Amdocs of about 10 people arrived at 9:30 a.m. at Lt. B. Rayrikar School in Urawade Village. Since it was also the last day of school for the 12th Standard students, this kick-off event was scheduled for 2 hours. Three ladies from Amdocs presented a skit of 20-minute duration based on the theme, "Dangers from Strangers in the Internet." The story and dialogues were written by Rtn. Madhavi Vaze from RCPC. An invitee Rotarian from RC Pune Airport also attended this event. Mr. Rahul from Amdocs then choreographed Bollywood style dancing for the students and the whole place just rocked! The school principal gave a tour of his school to everyone. Considering the proximity of the final examinations, this kick-off event was curtailed at 11:30 a.m. followed by school treating everyone with a lunch. In summary, both the events were quite successful in the sense that Amdocs folks truly enjoyed "A day out at the school" and appeared to have developed more interest in participating in more of such social activities together with RCPC. The next session will continue only after the final exams, during which time the Amdocs employees are planning to paint & beautify some classrooms at these schools during summer holidays, and once the schools re-open, then conduct activities like building self-confidence, developing computational skills, career guidance, and education assistance which will also include teacher's training. Following are some photographs of these events.

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