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NVDA training and donation of laptops for visually impaired students by Pune Central

25 Oct, 2018

Beneficiaries : 24

Cost : 800000

President : Ravi Kapoor

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
This year's first session of the NVDA training and donation of brand new laptops for the visually impaired students at the Technical Training Institute of Poona Blind Men's Association Hadapsar took place on Thursday 25th at their vocational training centre at Hadapsar. 24 students who had successfully completed the computer training ranging from 6 months to 18 months were the Proud recipients of these Dell laptops. The students also participated by contributing 50 % of the total price of these laptops, which will prove to be an important tool for them to build their future career in the area of their interest and ability. All these students both Boys and Girls are mostly from rural areas with lower/ middle socioeconomic status. President Ravi Kapoor, PP Manjulla Viswanathan, Rtn. Oni Kakajiwala, Rtn. Manoj Joshi and Rtn. Anil Bora were the lucky ones to see and enjoy the happiness, joy on their faces. All set to March Ahead. With this our club has as on date donated about 180 plus laptops to these visually impaired students with the help from our kind hearted members’ donations. We are thankful to Rtn. PP Narayan Rathi, Rtn Ravi Kapoor, Rtn. PP Manjulla Viswanathan, Rtn. Gururaj Lachyan, Rtn. Anil Bora and many others from outside Rotary who made this happen. We appreciate and thank Mr. J P Banerjee, Executive Director of TTI, Hadapsar and his team who sincerely worked hard to complete the project successfully. The raining including residential facilities food etc. for the training was provided free of cost by TTI, Hadapsar for the full duration. This was the 5th session of the project at TTI, Hadapsar since we started 2 years ago. Besides TTI, Hadapsar we have also operated at other centre’s including University of Pune.

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