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Eye checkup camp at Mulshi by Pune Central

25 Nov, 2018

Beneficiaries : 1000

Cost : 100000

President : Jinendra Munot

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
RCPC organised a half day event with a picnic on Sunday, 25th November to Mulshi. The event received an excellent response with more than 20 participants, with few young turks of the club joining with enthusiasm. President Ravi Kapoor, Rtns. PP Madhu Rathi, PP Krishan Jhunjhunwala, PP Dr. Nasir Kazi, Vidya Saraf, Dr. Madhavi Vaze, Dr. Shashi Saxena, Basant Almal, Akshay Kejriwal, Ajay Dubey, Rooma Dubey, Vanita Bajaj, Pravin Nadkarni, Ashish Goyal, Aseem Srivastav, R’Anns Uma Kejriwal, Prema Rathi, Teena Goyal, Alka Srivastav, Savita Almal and Gajanan participated in this event. The team first visited the Senapati Bapat Vidyalaya, Male and inspected the work done under the Happy School project funded through Arya Omnitalk Global Grant GG1876489. The school staff enthusiastically took the team to all departments of the school and showed the improvement done in the last two years. It was encouraging to know the work done in the Technical Institute, where both boys and girls are provided vocational training. It is heart-warming to know the meaningful changes that our efforts are bringing to the lives of the people in this area. A Few RCPC enthusiasts took pictures sitting in the class rooms, reliving school days of punishment and naughty childhood. The eye and blood check-up camp started at 11.00 am at the Krushna Mangal Karyalaya adjacent to the school. Our evergreen PP Madhubhau started with a wonderful speech on the importance of eye care, blood pressure and blood sugar. Our President, Ravi Kapoor spoke in fluent Marathi, and inspired villagers to benefit from the camp. Many of us, who still do not speak Marathi got inspired to learn the language now. A wonderful part of our culture is exchange of gifts and pleasantries. It was heartening to see the hard work put in by Mavala Pratishthan and the local community to acknowledge the selfless service of RCPC. Hats off to them. The staff of HV Desai Eye Hospital did an excellent work, achieving the following nos: The Total Eye check-up done: 451, Cataract detected:27, Spectacles distributed (free of cost) : 188 Cataract cases will be operated upon by HV Desai Eye Hospital with funding support from RCPC. We are grateful to Rtn. Nitin Desai for organising the services of the HV Desai Eye Hospital team for this noble work.

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