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Schools Upgrade in Focus Community Mulshi Taluka with focus on Sustainability and Impact by Pune Central

Winter in New York
20 Nov, 2017

Beneficiaries : 12000

Cost : 1500000

President : Arvind Saraf

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
At the beginning of the Rotary Year, RCPC decided to launch Community Service Projects with focus on SUSTAINABILITY & IMPACT. Sustainability starts with a community. After surveying rural areas surrounding Pune; RCPC decided to focus on 7 villages in Mulshi Taluka. This community is well defined as 7 villages, 33 schools & 1000 women and the mission is to transform lives of focus community beneficiaries. Extensive need mapping was done for the community along with club volunteers to finalise the scope of the project with a clear focus on sustainability & impact. It was also decided that all avenues of community service namely - non-medical, medical & youth shall work in focus community. Upgrades in infrastructure in 17 schools is part of this umbrella project. The students of these schools come from underprivileged section of the society. These schools lacked basic minimum facilities & infrastructure for learning. The upgradation projects are divided into three categories - Class Room Infrastructure, Learning Infrastructure & Hygiene Infrastructure. Class Room Infra upgrade involves - benches, green board, lights, fans in class rooms. Learning Infra upgrade involves setting up Science Lab, Computer Lab, Library, e Learning and conducting an extensive Teachers Training Program. Hygiene Infra upgrade involves providing Water Filtration Equipment (after input water check), Hand Wash facilities and Toilets wherever required. In all these upgrades sustainability aspects are in built into the project scope.The IMPACT ASSESSMENT format is created and data collection is planned. A RCC (Rotary Community Corps) has been set up in Mulshi Taluka to support local involvement and it's already active in focus community. RCPC has decided to drive this project for three years and Phase - 2 has already been planned with CSR funding channelised through Rotary Foundation. The CSR fund shall be supplemented with additional funds collected through Crowdfunding. This is expected to provide a leverage of 1.3X to CSR funds. With these funds we expect to create a huge impact in Learning Experience for the schools within Focus Community. Consecutive three year focus is foundation to provide Sustainability & Impact.

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