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Garbage collection vehicle project for Focus Community Mulshi Taluka jointly done with RCC Mavala Pratishthan by Pune Central

Garbage collection vehicle project for Focus Community Mulshi Taluka jointly done with RCC Mavala Pratishthan
02 Oct, 2017

Beneficiaries : 99999

Cost : 1000000

President : Ravi Kapoor

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : Shri Madusudan Rathi Charity Trust and RCC Mavala Pratishtan

Description :
Events at Mulshi Taluka – 02 October 2017 Celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti, and of late as Swachh Bharat Diwas, the day was chosen to kick-start our club’s activities in the focus community at Mulshi Taluka. President Saraf sent a mail accordingly and announced the program. Three events were planned for the day and members were requested to attend. The program began with a rendezvous at the Senapati Bapat School at Male at 1130 am. President Arvind Saraf, first lady Rtn. Vidya Saraf, PP Rtn. Madhu Rathi, PE Rtn. Ravi Kapoor, R’Ánn Dipti and Rtn. Ajay Chitnis were present. Also gracing the occasion were Rtn. Pankaj Shah, Director Foundation RID 3131, and Rtn. Yezdi Batliwala, AG Zone 14. We were taken on a guided tour of the Industrial Training Institute co-located with the school, where our club has presented Black Boards, and six computers in the Computer Training Laboratory. It was good to see, that despite being a holiday, some students were actually using the computers to complete some on-going projects. Our next halt was at Mulshi Khurd, where a public function had been organized by the Mulshi Mavala Pratishthan, which is also our Rotary Community Corps, but more about that later. The Sarpanch of Mulshi welcomed us along with members of the Mavala Pratishthan. Club Vice President Rtn. Arun Shroff also joined us for the function. Also present was the Mulshi Panchayat Samiti’s Ms. Komal Buchade. President Saraf, speaking in chaste Marathi, thanked the people of Mulshi for turning up in such large numbers, and welcoming members of the Rotary Club. He also stated that our club has chosen to focus on Mulshi Taluka for development activities, and hoped to make a difference, as was the Rotary motto for the year. He said that 8 villages had been identified in which various projects would be undertaken, 32 schools identified for upgradation of facilities, benefitting 3200 students, and schemes to provide empowerment to 3000 plus women in the area. He also spoke about the formation of the Rotary Community Corps, and hoped to work closely with them. PP Rtn. Madhu Rathi, through the Madhusudan Rathi Charity Trust has already done a lot for the Taluka, including presenting them with an Ambulance last year. He said that he was approached by the villagers and the Mavala Pratishthan to provide them with a Garbage Removal Truck, and he readily agreed to this, so he, in association with RCPC was glad to ceremonially hand over the Truck (Ghantagadi). The only condition he wanted to impose that the truck must be used daily, and a log maintained of the usage. Following this the truck was duly handed over ceremoniously to the Village Sarpanch. PP Madhu Rathi was then requested to perform the ground-breaking ceremony of the Road Electrification Project. The third item on the agenda was to conduct the first meeting between the Rotary Community Corps (RCC), and RCPC. This was presided over by President Saraf and attended by Council Members of the Mavala Pratishthan and members of RCPC. President Saraf said that the Pratishthan had already carried out a lot of projects jointly with RCPC, but now, after recognizing them as our RCC, the work would be carried out with a greater degree of formality and there would be better record keeping of the activities. He also said that since RCPC had chosen Mulshi as our Focus area, a number of projects would be carried out, and their support would be vital. He added that they would meet once a month and review the progress of projects jointly. The President of Mavala Pratishthan, Mr. Pandurang Kangude thanked the President and all members of RCPC for having accepted them as the RCC, and assured all that they would work jointly to Make a Difference. The official part of the visit having come to an end, all of us moved in a convoy to the legendary ‘Rathi Farmhouse’, which many readers would fondly recollect from the Club Picnic hosted by Madhubhau, a couple of years ago. Warm hospitality and a delicious lunch were two of the highlights of the afternoon, along with cold product of hops. An entirely rewarding day at Mulshi thus came to an end. The photos you see below have been selected by First Lady Vidya Saraf for the Central Turf; they are part of a larger collection; R’Anns and Rotarians who wish to be part of the event vicariously may get in touch with Rtns Ajay Chitnis/ Madhu Rathi who have the entire album.

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Garbage collection vehicle project for Focus Community Mulshi Taluka jointly done with RCC Mavala Pratishthan