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Cancer Care for Cancer Affected Under Privileged Children an ongoing project for Last TWENTY FOUR YEARS by Pune Central

01 Aug, 2017

Beneficiaries : 15

Cost : 300000

President : Ravi Kapoor

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
Cancer care project is run at K.E.M hospital by RCPC for cancer - affected underprivileged children. The funds are utilized for financial help for the initial cycles of chemotherapy, so that the treatment can start immediately. This surely gives them time to arrange for additional financial support which is required for the subsequent Chemotherapy cycles. This project was started under the able leadership of PP Narayanbhau Rathi who is now also a major donor for this project. The beneficiaries are selected by a medical social worker from K.E.M. hospital who takes into account the socioeconomic history of the patient. This project was started way back in 1994 year and is successfully running year after year. No of beneficiaries this year was 15.

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