18-12-2023 - 18-12-2023

During the Installation of our six Interact Clubs, I promised the Interactors that they would get a chance to interact with all others and learn what they are doing. Though I had made the promise, I had no idea where we would find the funds required to arrange this. During a casual conversation about what our club does, my daughter’s mother-in-law said that she would like to donate some money to our club if it was possible, which I wholeheartedly encouraged her to do. When asked what project this money would be used for, I told her about my plan to have the Interact Jamboree. She increased her amount to Rs 1.5 Lakhs, so that it would cover the entire event. The wheels started moving and the planning got underway. Rtn Anil Bora, the force behind all youth activities informed me that they had done an event called ‘Centrafun’, some 15 years ago, and wanted to call this ‘Centrafun 2’. Since all the Interactors, and most of the Teachers had changed, this name did not seem relevant, and we went ahead with Interact Jamboree. All the schools were asked to prepare a 15-minute long cultural item – dance, song or skit, and the theme was, ‘Mera Bharat Mahan – Kaise Banega’. A debate subject was also announced; AI is destroying creativity. The plan was to get all the children together for the whole day, starting with Breakfast, and ending with a High Tea before departure. DG Rtn Manjoo Phadke agreed to be the Chief Guest, and matching her availability with the schools’ availability was quite an issue. Eventually the date was fixed as 18 December. A number of Rotarians and R’Anns helped witht he planning process, and it was decided to involve some Rotaractors to help out with the execution. The most important factor was the help rendered by our Past President Munir Chinoy; he waived off the charges for hiring the Noorah Al Bassam Auditorium in the Anjuman-i-Islam Campus, which resulted in a saving of Rs 37,000/-. His only request was to make Anjuman-I-Islam a Co-Host for the event, to which I readily agreed. On the 18th Morning, the first school bus to arrive was that of the Jagruti School for Blind Girls, and these enthusiastic young girls were all set for performing their dance and skit. The Registration Desk was manned by the Rotractors. All the schools arrived subsequently and after Breakfast, the event got underway in the presence of the Guest of Honour – Mrs Sheila Mohanrao, the donor. The schools put up dances and skits on the themes of Child Labour, Mobile Addiction as well as patriotic dances and songs. The cultural programme was followed by the Inter Club Debate; it was heartening to see the young students speaking confidently, without notes, and expressing their opinions. After a sumptuous lunch the children were divided into mixed groups and played some indoor games organized by the Rotractors. DG Manjoo Phadke gave a stirring speech, motivating the children to continue their Interact activities, and asked the Rotractors to visit these clubs during their meetings. On completion of the event all the Interactors were presented a Bag and a Water Bottle each, and sent home with a packet of eats for their return journey. The Water Bottles were graciously sponsored by Rtn. Delshad Karanjia. I would like to place on record my thanks to Rtns PP Dr. Nasir Kazi, PE Brig PKM Raja, Delshad Karanjia, Nandita Khaire, Madhavi Kshettry, Ashish Goyal, Oni Kakajiwala and R’Anns Dipti Chitnis, Noorjahan Kazi, Jasma Asher, Nafisa Kakajiwala, and President IWC Hutokshi Pundole for their presence and help during the event. Rtns Anil Bora and Minal Kering were a great help in the planning process. Mrs Sakina Bedi, the Mentor of Jagruti School is always the driving force for the girls from Jagruti and was present for the event, and also one of the judges for the debate. Mrs Radhika Dalvie, the Campus Director of Anjuman-I-Islam kindly agreed to be the Convener of the Event, and was a solid support throughout. All the Interact Teachers who prepared the children for various activities need to be lauded for their active participation. Most of all thanks are due to our Past President Munir Chinoy, who not only gave us the hall without any charges and being present from the very beginning till everyone had left. In the end there was a feeling of satisfaction amongst all the organisers, mainly because the children had enjoyed themselves and went home happy.

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Start Date 18-12-2023
End Date 18-12-2023
Cost 180000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 250
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