Mental health issues, coping and self-care during COVID-19 pandemic

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 14 Aug 2021
Meeting Time 18:00:00
Location Zoom
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Mental health issues, coping and self-care during COVID-19 pandemic
Meeting Agenda
Chief Guest Dr. Kaustubh Joag
Club Members Present 105
Minutes of Meeting Pre-fellowship started at 6 PM on Zoom where many members joined and interacted with each other on various topics. Post pre-Fellowship, the meeting was called to order by Pres. Amitabha Mukhopadhyay and all members and guests were welcomed to the meeting. President Amitabha updated all members about the Vaccination on Wheels Project status. 93429 vaccines have been administered as on 14th August. President announced the receipt of donation of Rs 5,66,750 from Alkyl for the Covid 19 mobile vaccination project. The Club members congratulated Rtn. PP Rakesh Bhargava who has been appointed in the following two Rotary India Committees: 1. Member, National Advisory Committee DPT and MCH (II), Rotary India Humanity Foundation 2. Member, RY 2021-22 CSR Working Group for India. The Jagruti and Happy School Global Grant Project has been approved. The project value is US$ 51,360. Project objectives are to improve learning facilities for rural students and the blind girls of Jagruti School. President also updated the progress of the GG project of Gift of Sight for the sightless. Orders for the first lot of equipment has been placed in July'2021. Deliveries have commenced and will be completed during Aug’2021. The GG project, Gift of Vision for conducting cataract surgeries has also commenced and vision of 59 patients have been restored till date. Rtn. Anil Bora and Rtn. Oni Kakajiwala visited the Vaccination-On-Wheels project at the Khivansara Patil Hospital CVC Thergaon. This CVC unit is supported by TATA Technologies. Mr. Siddharth Yevalekar from CSR department, TATA Technologies also visited this site. We wished happy birthday to President Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, Rtn. PP Krishan Jhunjhunwala, R'Ann Sadhana Lachyan. We wished happy anniversary to Rtn. Oni and R'Ann Nafisa Kakajiwala. This week Dr Kaustubh Joag gave a talk on the topic “'Mental health issues, coping and self-care during COVID-19 Pandemic' He spoke about how mental health is a spectrum with conditions varying from stress, distress, depression, anxiety and grief leading to severe mental health conditions. He also covered the coping measures, resilience and self-care that needs to be done to address mental health issues. Next Week Saturday, 21st August 2021 ZOOM at 6.00 PM Guest Speaker Mr. Sharan Nair will talk on “Cryptocurrency”