Meeting Details

Meeting Date 21 Aug 2021
Meeting Time 18:00:00
Location Zoom
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Cripocurrency
Meeting Agenda
Chief Guest Mr. Sharan Nair
Club Members Present 115
Minutes of Meeting Pre-fellowship started at 6 PM on Zoom where many members joined and interacted with each other on various topics. Post pre-Fellowship, the meeting was called to order by Pres. Amitabha Mukhopadhyay and all members and guests were welcomed to the meeting. President Amitabha updated all members about the Vaccination on Wheels Project status. 112,750 vaccines have been administered as on 21st August. Daily dosage is at 2951 now. President announced the receipt of donation of Rs 15,20,000 from BMC Software company for the Covid 19 mobile vaccination project. President updated the Club about the HPV Vaccination project. The vaccination drive was conducted at Harjeevan Hospital Pune and GR Palkar Primary School, Karve nagar. Mr. Prasad Sohani and Ms Pallavi Desai from the hospital are managing the drive. Rtn. Oni Kakajiwala and Rtn Anil Bora were present during a brief function arranged on 15/08/21. The HPV vaccination drive was also conducted in Shirur with the support of the 'Vaccination on Wheels’. Shirur Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Shirur had arranged the vaccination drive at Manikchand Dhariwal Institute, Shirur on Wednesday 18/08/21. Rtn Anil Bora and Rtn PP Ravi Kapoor co-ordinated the conduct of the drive. On 19th August 2021, CfHE, IIT Hyderabad, Rotary Club of Pune Central and Vaccine-On-Wheels celebrated over ZOOM, the milestone of administering more than 1 Lakh COVID vaccine doses. The event was attended by our CSR partners, RCPC members, partner Club members and the Vaccination on Wheels project partners. R’Ann Nafisa Kakajiwala and Rtn. Oni Kakajiwala continued with the N95 masks distribution and handed over 600 masks to Harjeevan Hospital. All the Club members congratulated Rtn. Brig PK Muralidharan Raja for being appointed Member of The World Boxing Council (WBC) India Committee. We wished happy birthday to Mr Siddharth Bajaj, Rtn. Ashish Goyal, R'Ann Sheila Bhave, Rtn. Rajan Khinvasara. We wished happy anniversary to Rtn. Parvin and R'Ann Monica Nadkarni. This week Mr Sharan Nair gave a talk on the topic of Crypto Currency. It was an interactive session moderated by Mr Aditya Dharmadhikari. The guest speaker gave a good insight into the world of crypto currency and it was good learning for all members. He talked in detail about how the digital currency works, its legalities and what are the precautions to be taken while investing in them. Coming Saturday, on 28th August 2021 at 6.00 PM Guest Speaker Mr. Avinash Oza will talk on “Astrology”.