BOD Meeting July 2022

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 08 Jul 2022
Meeting Time 18:00:00
Location RCPC Office, Yogi Park, Koregaon Park Pune
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD Meeting July 2022
Meeting Agenda
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 15
Minutes of Meeting Discussions and Decisions: 1. President Rtn. Uday Dharmadhikari welcomed the Board Members and briefly informed the reasons for the absence of some of the members and requested the board for approval to continue the meeting in their absence. The same was approved. 2. Board members confirmed of minutes of the Joint Board meeting held on 10th June 2022 with a request for a one-page status summary (financial / Brief description of projects) of all ongoing projects (as requested during the Joint BOD meeting). Gajanan to prepare before the budget presentation. 3. President Uday Dharmadhikari informed the board that going forward the minutes of board meetings would capture only the key discussions and decisions taken by the board so that MoM is not verbose. 4. Rtn. Vimal Saboo updated the board that as of July 8, 2022; 42 members had paid the club subscription. The time allowed for payment of subscription is till 31 July 2022. 5. Discussion on Carry-forward Club Projects was deferred as the project details from the previous board are awaited. 6. Rtn. PP Arvind Saraf updated the board on the progress made by the CSR committee. He announced that the presentation deck for prospective donors is now ready. 7. Rtn. Brig. PKM Raj updated the board on the progress made by the Non-Medical Project committees. He also presented a proposal for collaborating with a non-profit working to promote the sport of boxing. Senior board members suggested alternate formats for collaboration and agree to discuss the same further in the next meeting. 8. Rtn. PP Dr Madhavi Vaze updated the board on the progress made by the Youth and Next-gen projects committee and also shared brief budgets for activities planned in September 2022 e.g. factory visits, conferences, etc. 9. Rtn. Nitin Rajore updated the board on the progress made by the Club on memberships. Board congratulated him on the good progress made on new inductions to the club. 10. Rtn. Shrikant Sarda updated the board on the progress made by the club on Digital initiatives. He also mentioned the registration of members on RC app should be accomplished soon. 11. Rtn. Lekha Nair updated the BoD on upcoming programs, fellowships and bulletin plans. 12. President Rtn. Uday Dharmadhikari informed the board that new trustees for the RCPC charity trust are to be appointed by the board as the term of the previous trustees i.e. Rtn. PP Polly Patel, Rtn. Sunil Asher ( as Ex- Officio Member ) and Rtn. Ajay Dubey is over and hence they have resigned. 13. The board resolved to change the signatories for all bank accounts as per the relevant designations of the new board.