01-05-2019 - 30-06-2019

The project envisages providing 6 Dialysis machines to KEM Hospital, Pune. This hospital is run on charitable basis and pioneered dialysis as a treatment for renal failure in 1972 in the city of Pune. The charges for dialysis sessions are lower than those levied by private clinics and/or private hospitals, making it affordable for lower income segments. Despite lower charges, the treatment quality is of a high order and matches the best-in-class standards. For these reasons, KEM hospital is a preferred health-care provider for many patients. Currently the hospital has 22 dialysis machines of which 16 are in the Renal Unit and provide Maintenance Haemodialysis (MHD) treatment to patients suffering from kidney failure. The remaining 6 machines are located in the Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and are used for patients having Acute Kidney Infections and requiring Critical Care. Between 2013-14 and 2017-18, the number of dialysis cases handled has grown 15% CAGR, crossing 7,700 cases in 2017-18. Due to capacity constraints, the hospital has a wait-list of dialysis patients numbering 15~20 per day and growing at the rate of 3~4 patients per month. Such wait-listed patients are often compelled to undergo dialysis sessions at private clinics paying higher charges. The project goal is to augment the dialysis capacity and reduce the waiting list. An ancillary goal is to dedicate a couple of dialysis machines for a newly planned Paediatric Dialysis Ward to address the rising instances of children suffering kidney failure and needing dialysis. A survey has already been done and the specific need of the hospital (based on the traffic data of dialysis patients) has been identified. The hospital, corporate donor and host club have together prepared the specifications of the dialysis machines to be purchased, identified and finaliszed the vendor. International Sponsor Club is expected to visit the hospital and help in monitoring.

Project Details

Start Date 01-05-2019
End Date 30-06-2019
Project Cost 4500000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 4500
No of direct Beneficiaries 50000
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Disease prevention and treatment