17-09-2021 - 17-09-2021

Workshop of Paperbag held on 17th September 2021 for Chennai team at Pune A special Workshop on Paperbags was organised by Rtn Surendra Shroff for two teachers from Chennai. There is an interesting story on how this workshop got planned. Ms A Supriya, is a trustee of Gurukulum NGO of Chennai that works for the special children. She also teaches in the Gurukulum. She got Rtn Surendra Shroff’s contact no some time in first week of July 2021 from a shop in Chennai from where she had purchased few saris which were delivered to her in carrybags made from news papers. Ms Supriya along with four other parents of special children are running a school for special children in Chennai named as GIRUKULAM. She thought of implementing project of teaching students of making carrybags from newspapers for creating livelihood opportunities for the school children and engaging the children in some meaningful activity so that the children will not feel that they are burden on society and can earn their livelihood with confidence, dignity and self respect after finishing their term at the school. She called Surendra Shroff on 10th of July 2021 and spoke with Surendra Shroff for half an hour and requested for conducting Workshop in their school at Chennai. However, Surendra Shroff requested them to visit Pune along with few of their teachers for Workshop. There after she discussed the project with her other trustees and accepted our suggestion and confirmed that she along with Ms J Latha who is a mother of a special child and a teacher in the school will fly from Chennai on 17th of September and will attend our special W/shop of five hours to be exclusively held for them. Ms Vishakha Vichare conducted Worskhsop from 11 A M till 3 PM and taught them six different types of bags and three types of pouches. They also learnt sanitary napkin disposal bag , three compartment portable dust bin and medium size dust bin suitable for class room. They have been gifted two full sets of 15 different carrybags and one kit is being sent to them shortly. We are confident that this W/shop will definitely be beneficial for the special children of GURUKULAM school from Chennai.

Project Details

Start Date 17-09-2021
End Date 17-09-2021
Project Cost 2500
Rotary Volunteer Hours 150
No of direct Beneficiaries 5
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Economic and Community Development