17-04-2024 - 17-04-2024

Last July, we conducted an Eye Checkup Camp at this rural school, where 450 students from nearby villages study, from Class V to Class XII. During the Camp, the Principal and Mathematics Teacher informed us that the students parents are mostly farmers or Brick-kiln workers, and are themselves not in a position to teach their children even basic maths at home. Thus the students were very weak in this subject. They requested for help to set up a Maths Lab. A maths lab is a place where students and teachers work together to help students understand math concepts, practice skills, and develop study skills. It can also be a place for students to work with each other on similar material, and for teachers to provide one-on-one tutoring. Maths lab contains games, puzzles, and other materials that students can use to explore mathematics, learn, and develop an interest in the subject. The activities appeal to a wide range of students, including those of different ages and mathematical proficiency. We were fortunate that Rtn. Giri Sakhrani agreed to donate Rs 2,50,000/-for the project, which adequately covered the requirement of funds. The Maths lab has been developed by Mr. Rahul Kokil, Director of Manthan, an education development organisation. He has taught at Dnyan Prabhodini for 12 years and specialized in Mathematics and other subjects. The Lab was inaugurated by Rtn Giri Sakhrani and yours truly on 16 April 2024. The Children who have been trained for two days were able to explain effectively the Number Line concept and the Pythagoras theorem. The Teachers and the Principal expressed their gratitude and assured us that with this addition, they will show better results in Mathematics.

Project Details

Start Date 17-04-2024
End Date 17-04-2024
Project Cost 232800
Rotary Volunteer Hours 150
No of direct Beneficiaries 1000
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Basic Education and Literacy